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One of the primary goals of Student Creative Services is to “Train Future Media Professionals”. SCS is a great example of how students interested in, or majoring in film, photography, design, illustration, audio, music, printing, event services and other related media fields can apply their skills in a real-life, work environment.


APPLICATION PROCESS (as of January 2016)

• Go to: https://students.asu.edu/employment/search

• Click on "Search On-Campus Jobs"

• Click on "Search Openings"

• Input the Requisition ID number associated within the positions below in the "Requisition ID" field.

• Click "Search"


NOTE: Jobs may not always be active on ASU's HR site. Contact us directly with your interest.


Requisition ID: 29125BR


The Media Production Associate (MPA) works primarily in the area of Video Production but may be called upon in support of Event Production if needed. The MPA is one of the more versatile positions within SCS, depending on one's experience or skill set. Exposure to a greater number of situations and challenges is more likely as an MPA. The following are descriptions of assigned duties and/or tasks and the experience required.


Production: Both on-location and in-studio filming as part of a client-requested project or in support of our Event Production efforts. Within the overall scope of production are various duties which are assigned relative to experience and skill, such as; videographer (camera-operator), teleprompter operator, audio tech, lighting tech, script coordinator (as needed), site coordinator (as needed), and general support staff (crew).


Editor: Deadline-driven, demanding a great deal of self-monitoring, accountability and proactive communication with clients and staff. An Editor should possess advanced skills including, but not limited to the latest versions of; Adobe Premier, After Effects and Audition with a strong sense of design, often requiring a solid working knowledge in Illustrator and Photoshop for custom asset creation. Post-production routinely takes more time than and is not limited by the constraints of specific production scheduling often resulting in more regular hours, depending on the project and workload. Each project’s time will be estimated in advance to insure better management, meeting deadlines - preventing cost overruns. Editors are responsible for knowing the schedule, coming in when available, tracking personal hours, updating the status of projects online, backing up files and organization of data.


Flex Production: Must have solid, hands-on skills in production, familiarity with a variety of video equipment and on-set procedures (film-making), as well as a good set of basic editing skills. The flex staffer will find themselves involved in Production more often, covering both on-location and in-studio requests, often as a project lead (when necessary) and assist in the training of others involved in production. The flex may be asked to step into the editor’s role as needed, depending on the demand and complexity of a project.


Note: Lifting weight of up to 50 lbs. may be required. Both indoor and outdoor venues - on and off campus, are possible, regardless of season. Accessibility to personal, reliable transportation is not mandatory, but advantageous.



Requisition ID: 29123BR


Primarily in-studio, operating both hardware and software in a live production and web streaming environment (i.e. BlackMagic, TriCaster). Occasional support of on-location, live event production.


Working Environment:
• On-location, indoor, studio and outdoors, various times throughout the year.

• Ability to lift 50 lbs.

• Live-production studio

• Macintosh and PC operating systems

• Audio, video and lighting equipment; both in-house and on-location

• Approximate weekly hours will vary and are dependent upon client requests and schedules


Essential Duties: The LPVT should be knowledgeable in processes and systems relative to live production switching/editing and live web streaming. Primary duties are as Tech Director (Control Surface Operator) or as a Tech Assistant operating control surface media and audio software. Most projects are Monday-Friday during normal business hours (8-5), however, early mornings, evenings and weekends (Saturdays) are not uncommon.


Desired Qualifications: Hands-on experience with (preferably) the BlackMagic Live Production Studio system, both hardware and software, or working knowledge of systems like the TriCaster. A solid understanding of all aspects from camera to switcher to export and broadcast. A strong working knowledge of basic video editing processes and software such as Adobe Premier and Audition is also desired should minimal editing of recorded content be required.



Requisition ID: 29157BR


Design and produce print and online media for a variety of projects including, but not limited to; layout, advertising, newsletters, graphic support for video (i.e., After Effects), large format (banners, etc.), presentation graphics, print and packaging media, social media graphics, etc.  Also, defining the direction of projects as well as time estimation and scheduling as needed. Photography skills are also a plus.


Working Environment: (these are the essential functions of the job, examples are below)

• Mac systems environment

• Collaborative, work group environment

• Deadline-driven and flexible schedules depending upon client requests


Desired Qualifications: Creative and accurate with an attention to detail. Must be familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite of products; principally Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Experience with conventional printing processes is a plus. Strong communication skills are vital. Must be well organized in terms of file management, use of time, and an understanding of production schedules.


STUDENT PRODUCER - Video Production

Requisition ID: 29127BR


Working directly with the Video Production Lead (VPL), Business Operations Specialist, the Director and clients in the day-to-day operations of Student Creative Services and SCS Video Productions in much the same function as a Producer.


Working Environment: Primarily office and studio environment. Occasional on-location. Both Macintosh and PC systems, variety of applications, depending on task.


Essential Duties:

• Working with Director and VPL in creating and maintaining schedules (i.e., shifts) for student staff.

• Working with Director and VPL in estimate creation, general accounting and inventory.

• Follow-up communications with staff and clients regarding work-in-progress and project status.


Desired Qualifications:

• Collaborative style, combined with the ability and desire to work in a team-based environment.

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills, both written and verbal.

• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

• Highly organized, attention to detail and thoroughness in completing assigned duties.

• Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel and Outlook).

• Accounting experience is a plus.




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